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  1. She is finally in the water

    After long back and forth because of the berth, it is done, and the good has returned to your element.

    I could hardly wait to finally sail, and after I have optimized the trim, can be controlled very well alone, and it was a lot of fun.

    Monday Saturday Sunday

    Unfortunately, I drove ...

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  2. last sailing before winter with new sails

    Actually, Lani should be in the winter camp for a long time, but of course I had forgotten to pack the Kaercher, and so we postponed this to the first October weekend

    Luckily, the new sails, that I had ordered for the next season, have been completed more quickly faster ...

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  3. winter camp is ready

    Unfortunately, the season is slowly coming to an end, and so we slowly had to worry about a winter camp for Lani. Since I have to do one or the other of the lady in the next early year and I actually had no desire to spend money again for ...

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  4. Sails repaired

    I had planned my own my vacation primarily to spend lani sailing. Unfortunately, my (self-inflicted) defective major sail put a huge stroke in the way of the invoice.

    Now I have finally repaired it again from the sail and since I couldn’t inspire Franziska to ride along, there are ...

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