She is finally in the water

After long back and forth because of the berth, it is done, and the good has returned to your element.

I could hardly wait to finally sail, and after I have optimized the trim, can be controlled very well alone, and it was a lot of fun.

Monday Saturday Sunday

Unfortunately, I drove it over it on Sunday and while I was briefly losing control with the rolling up of the Genoa and I got through. Well, learned a lot again:

  • When I’m alone and the Genoa is out on the wrong courses, I will go swimming
  • The lake is flat and when I capsize through the mast ends up in the ground
  • Turning her up alone, is a decent effort without help
  • Oh yes, and when she is full of water, it is really fore-heavy

In the end, it was actually not that big a problem because a nice motorboat driver helped, and she was back up. You could see the mast was in the ground, but still straight, so no real harm done. Except the clicker of the mast has fallen off - there is always a little loss.

However, Bailing did not go really well because I couldn’t get enough speed. The fore wanted to play submarine permanently, and I preferred to manually remove the water from the boat. That was a somewhat monotonous half an hour, but then I was able to sail home reasonably well.

The tragic surprise came when I wanted to recover the large sail. Apparently the train to the top was so strong that the sail pulled out of the mast on the sailing head and could no longer be moved in the direction. The problem could only be solved with the help of a knife.

kaputtes Segel

This completely destroyed my plans and I had to hand the sail over to the sailmaker. He only estimated a good hour of work, but not when he could afford the time. . So I am now waiting for my sail to have a little more fun with Lani this season.

Oh yes, and I also learned that the sails are almost through and thus an additional investment is due.

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