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  1. Baltic Sea the second

    After the successful trip with Franziska, my mother also wanted to go sailing and since I still had a vacation we said: “Why not …”

    This time we only made a short round around Ruegen, of course the other way around. So our route from Stralsund went to Stahlbrote, Freest to ...

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  2. Baltic Sea

    In order to end the whole corona theater, we kalea gave them into water in Stralsund. In the three weeks we put back on 300sm and once circled the island of Ruegen.

    From Sassnitz we started to the mouth of the Peene and continued to go south to Swinemuende where ...

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  3. Mexico - Playa del carmen

    Vacation in the Caribbean is always great and in Mexico it is particularly interesting for me as a diver, because if the weather is not optimal for diving in the sea, the cenotes can still explore in the country and they are always worth a visit.

    Mexico is particularly great ...

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  4. Nuernberg

    Tobias’ all -year -old birthday was once again reason to take a weekend trip to Nuernberg in Bavaria. On the occasion, we also undertook a beer tour through the tunnel under the city.

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  5. City tour in Frankfurt

    Since I had my birthday anyway, my parents showed up again, and we made a little sightseeing in Frankfurt and even one or the other reasonable photos were created.

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  6. Thailand

    Everyone needs a vacation and because it got me warm, I decided on the Schoene Thailand.

    First I looked at the metropolis of Bangkok for 4 days and then relaxed the rest of the time on the beach in Phuket.

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  7. Gozo

    I wanted to go diving again without spending a fortune. That’s why I decided to got to Gozo and also completed the Rescue Divers on the occasion.

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  8. Australia

    After the military service, I lacked the motivation to start studying immediately. That’s why I got a little money and traveled through Australia as a backpacker for three months.

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