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  1. Nuernberg

    Tobias’ all -year -old birthday was once again reason to take a weekend trip to Nuernberg in Bavaria. On the occasion, we also undertook a beer tour through the tunnel under the city.

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  2. City tour in Frankfurt

    Since I had my birthday anyway, my parents showed up again, and we made a little sightseeing in Frankfurt and even one or the other reasonable photos were created.

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  3. Thailand

    Everyone needs a vacation and because it got me warm, I decided on the Schoene Thailand.

    First I looked at the metropolis of Bangkok for 4 days and then relaxed the rest of the time on the beach in Phuket.

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  4. Gozo

    I wanted to go diving again without spending a fortune. That’s why I decided to got to Gozo and also completed the Rescue Divers on the occasion.

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  5. Australia

    After the military service, I lacked the motivation to start studying immediately. That’s why I got a little money and traveled through Australia as a backpacker for three months.

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