is a Dehler Dehler Delanta 80AK build in 1976.

This Lady is not the youngest one, but she is still a lot of fun sailing and the previous owner already added some modern stuff like a digital windex and an RF-radio.

Thanks to the high cockpit, she always feels pretty safe even on higher waves, and you can do everything out of the cockpit without the need to go to the foredeck.


  • Length: 8.00 m
  • Width: 2.48 m
  • Draft: 1.25 m
  • Motor power: 8PS / 5.88kW


  • redo the hull painting
  • redo the deck painting
  • redo the underwater ship painting + new antifouling (coppercoat)
  • add electrical bilge pump for the motor (only place I had water yet)


  • Steel keel regeneration (2018)
  • new Genoa Sail (2019)
  • Inverter (1500Watt) - enough for a Nespresso machine (2018)